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How do I reactivate my smart card for my TV satellite box?
Go to there will be a blue circle saying ‘Decoder Rehit’. Enter the smart card number of the black box in question and then hit Rehit. Make sure your smart card belongs to that black box and ensure the card is in the box and turned on before you do the rehit. If this does not resolve your issue call the girls in the office.

Electrical and Refrigeration
Where will the Marwill Electricians travel to?
Mostly anywhere! Marwill will travels throughout the North West, Gulf and Central West districts.
Electrical Contracting
Does Marwill repair appliances?
Appliance repair is now a specialised field so we only repair certain appliances. Please make enquiries by phone or email with your specific repair need before dropping any items off.
Electric appliances
Are the Marwill Electricians available on weekends?
Yes, but subject to availability and there may be an call out fee charged.
Call Trevor –0429467140 or Janene – 0429468485
Electrical Contracting

Are the Marwill tyre fitters available on weekends?

Yes but subject to availability and there may be a call out fee charged.

Call Trevor –0429467140 or Janene – 0429468485.

Does Marwill travel to repair tyres? Yes. Please call for a quote and availability.


Is the Marwill Mongrel shop open on weekends?

No. Trading Hours are from 8.00am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday. The electricians are usually out the back from 7.30am – Monday to Friday. We are happy to come in early or on a weekend if we are around. Call Trevor 0429467140 or Janene 0429468485.

The Mongrel Shop

Are there any employment opportunities with Marwill?

Marwill regularly employs apprentice electricians.

Electrical trade, Clerical, Tyre Fitting and Cleaning jobs will be advertised as they become available. • Expressions of interest are welcome anytime and can be emailed to

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